Elevators & Lifting Equipment

Elevators & Lifting Equipment Inspection:

We offer a complete range of on site lifting equipment inspection and testing services to ensure your lifting appliances/accessories adhere to the strict industry requirements. Our fully qualified inspectors are experienced to carry out the statutory lifting equipment examination of all types of lifting Appliances and provide the mandatory examination & reports. DAS Pakistan inspection services covers following inspection Scope:

  1. Visual Examination
  2. Non Destructive Testing
  3. Operational Testing Like Load Testing
  4. Functional Testing

Lifting equipment comprises Lifting Appliances (equipment performing the lifting) & Lifting Accessories. DAS Pakistan provides the lifting inspections for the following lifting Appliances & Accessories:

Lifting Appliances

Mobile Cranes,
Over Head Cranes,
Forklift Truck ,
Block Chain ,
Block Lever/ Lever Hoist,
Tower crane,
Lifts & Elevators

Lifting Accessories

Chain Slings,
Wire Rope Sling,
Synthetic webbing Sling, Synthetic Round Sling
Synthetic Rope Sling,
Shackles, Eyebolts, Jacks,
Wire Rope Grip
Hooks, Clamps