Certification Services

DAS Pakistan provide accredited certification services on under mentioned standards, accreditation is a process defined through International standards issued by the ISO and achieved through a conformity assessment conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out business as 3rd Party certification body by demonstrating implementation of ISO/IEC 17021 requirements. However having International Accreditation and going through the process in which an accreditation body provide the Certification Bodies providing Management Systems certifications, Calibration and Testing Laboratories including 3rd Party Inspection bodies a mandate of business ethics, ultimate integrity, unconditional credibility, and maintaining absolute neutrality gives the responsibility and authority to undertake certification and assessment of a firm in an internationally recognized process of assessments and to issue certificates. DAS is holding multiple accreditations, membership, agency reparative status for different services, details are as follows:-

DAS Pakistan is accredited from PNAC as Management System Certification body No.08 for ISO 9001, accreditation for ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 is in process.

DAS Pakistan is the representative of SMG Inc Canada under an agency agreement to provide 3rd party certification services for multiple standards as Per accreditation Schedule, SMG is holding Accreditation form International Accreditations Services -IAS USA and IAS is the member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

 Certification Steps

DAS Pakistan is providing Certification on International Standards, we contribute through our best certification, training, inspection and calibration services to all sectors. All steps of initial certification/recertification process is as under: Inquiry, Free Estimate & Application for Certification

Following your inquiry and completion of our application and questionnaire we review that information and provide you with a free estimate. There are no fees until you accept the estimate and return the signed contract that includes the conditions.

For Enquiries: certification@das.com.pk

Intimation of review Plan & Preliminary Audit

After the certification application is confirmed, a detailed audit plan including the audit team and audit schedule is notified to the company. At this time DAS Pakistan discusses the audit schedule with the company. The purpose is to give an opportunity to improve the system through a preliminary review prior to this review, and it is conducted only at the request of the applicant company, this process can be completed remotely.

The first stage audit is an audit conducted to confirm the suitability of the management system. There are partial differences in the scope of the examination for each requested standard, and the management system documents are reviewed.

The second stage of the audit is to verify the actual fact that the certification application standards and the organization’s management system meet all the requirements related to the scope of certification through on-site inspection. If the standards are met based on objective facts, the certification registration registration is recommended.

Non Conformity and Corrective action

In case of nonconformity as a result of the audit, corrective action must be taken, and the result of corrective action is made through written confirmation or confirmation at the on-site audit.

Certification Review & Issue of Certificate

The certification committee determines whether to register for certification by evaluating the appropriateness of the entire audit process. When certification registration is decided, a certificate is issued and delivered to the customer.

Surveillance Audit

It is conducted to verify that the certification registration organization continues to comply with the certification conditions, it is carried out in accordance with the initial on-site audit procedure.
The regular follow-up audit cycle takes place every year from the date of the initial audit, and must be conducted regularly in accordance with ISO international regulations and IAF MD regulations.
Note:- The first post audit cannot exceed 12 months from the date of the previous certification decision.

Recertification Audit

It is conducted every three years for the purpose of recertification of certification, and it is conducted according to the same procedure as the initial certification review.

Expansion of certification

If the certified organization is considering expanding the scope of certification or adding a site, it can apply for certification expansion.
The certification body that has received the application reviews it and then conducts necessary audit activities to decide whether to approve it.

Reduction of certification Scope

If a certified organization ceases to provide certain products or services specified in the scope of certification, or withdraws from a registered site or services is discontinued, the organization shall notify the certification authority within one month.
Upon receiving the notification, the certificating authority reviews it and conducts necessary audit activities to determine whether to approve it or not. If the scope of the certification is reduced, all relevant promotional materials must also be modified.

Suspension and cancellation of certification

The certification may be suspended or cancelled in the following cases, and the certificate may be withdrawn. In the event of such a reason for suspension or cancellation, the Certification Authority reviews the matter and makes a decision on suspension or cancellation. The organization shall ensure that in the event of suspension or revocation of certification, the use of all promotional materials mentioned about the status of certification is suspended.

Suspension of certification

In case the follow-up audit is not conducted within the specified time limit (if the follow-up audit is not performed within 12 months from the previous certification decision date. In case the certification system does not have the resources and organization to meet the requirements of the applicable standard as a result of the audit for maintaining certification, or the certification system is mostly not operate.

  • If there is no credibility in the certification system due to a claim or social question from a stakeholder
  • In the event that the certification registration organization has not taken measures to respond to changes in the certification system and certification requirements
  • In the event that a major nonconformity occurs as a result of the on-site verification audit, and a major nonconformity occurs again as a result of the reconfirmation review
  • In case the related contents are not corrected within one month after receiving the corrective order due to misuse of the certification mark
  • In case the certification examination fee is overdue for more than 3 months
    In case of failure to comply with the organization’s obligations under the certification contract
  • When used beyond the scope of the certificate
  • In case of violation of contract or agreement
Cancellation of certificates
  • In case corrective action is not taken after 3 months despite the suspension of effect
  • In case the certificate is officially returned by the certification registration organization
  • In case the production, activity or service of products (processes) included in the scope of certification is suspended
  • If the entity to be certified is lost or not confirmed due to the dissolution of the certification registration organization or loss of contact, etc.
  • In the case of post-examination, if the review does not proceed within one month after the suspension.



ISO 14001 Environmental

ISO 22000 Food Safety

ISO 9001 Quality Certification

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO TS 16949 Automotive

ISO 20000 IT Services

FSSC Food Safety

5,6,7 Certification

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

Halal Food




ISO 13485


ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Certification