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FSSC 22000 Certification Scheme

DAS is the representative of SMG Inc Canada under an agency agreement to provide 3rd party certification services for multiple standards as per below mentioned Schedule of Accreditation, SMG is holding Accreditation form International Accreditations Services -IAS USA and IAS is the member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

Providing trust to the food supply chain, Compliance is monitored by the FSSC Integrity Program, Certification Bodies, and Accreditation bodies. Compliance activities are used to identify trends and define improvements in conjunction with licensed partners. Together with our partners, we ensure a positive impact on the consumer goods industry worldwide The FSSC 22000 Scheme is managed by Foundation FSSC and governed by an independent Board of Stakeholders comprising representatives from sectors across the food industry.

To ensure transparency and involvement of the industry, an Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding several topics, including technical aspects like unannounced audits & food fraud, guidance documents, and Scheme revisions. The Advisory Committee reports to the Board of Stakeholders.

Developed through extensive and open consultation with global stakeholders, the FSSC 22000 scheme uses international and independent standards such as ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 22003, and technical specifications for sector-specific Pre-Requisite Programs (PRPs), including ISO/TS 22002-1.

FSSC 22000 has been delivering impact on global food safety for over 12 years. The Scheme provides a certification model that can be used in the whole food supply chain to ensure food safety standards and processes. FSSC 22000 is GFSI recognized and follows the food chain category description as defined in ISO/TS 22003. The Scheme documents contain the requirements for organizations to gain FSSC 22000 certification. Even before applying for certification, businesses can use these free documents to assess, develop, implement, and improve their food and feed safety management systems.

FSSC accredited Certification Bodies use the Scheme documents to assess and audit the applicant organization’s continuous compliance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 Scheme. This way-of-working assures the performance of the food and feed safety management system within certified organizations.

1: Based on ISO 22000

FSSC 22000 is based on international and independent standards such as ISO 22000, ISO/TS 22003.

2: Sector specific PRPs

FSSC make use of technical specifications for sector specific Pre-Requisite Programs (PRPs), such as ISO/TS 22002-1 to ensure hygienic environments within organizations.

3: Additional Requirements

Requirements in addition to the scheme ensure consistency and integrity, provide governance, and add agility in addressing emerging food safety issues.

FSSC 22000 certification comprises of three components: ISO 22000, the relevant PRP specification/s (ISO/TS standards and BSI PAS), and the FSSC Additional Requirements. These requirements must be considered alongside the documents available for download. Updated guidance documents and Scheme addendums will be uploaded during the course of 2023. Visit https://www.fssc.com/schemes/fssc-22000/documents/fssc-22000-version-6/ to download all latest documents of FSSC version 6 documents.

One of the key changes in V6 is the addition of requirements on food loss and waste. Organizations must have a documented policy and objectives detailing their strategy to reduce food loss and waste within their organization and the related supply chains. The additional food loss and waste requirements support a silo-breaking approach to help organizations contribute and move towards the UN Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

DAS provide Accredited FSSC 22000 certification services through SMG Canada ad their representative under an agreement, send your queries related to FSSC certification to compliance@das.com.pk or certification@das.com.pk