Food Inspections, GMP Audits

Food Inspections/Audits

DAS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, as your trusted partner, offers inspection services to your food supply chain to help food beverage manufacturers, suppliers, hotels, and catering services to ensure food product quality and safety and also to maintain a clean and wholesome environment for food preparation and storage by a highly skilled and practical team of global Inspectors.

From the farm to the fork, the entire food industry has evolved into a diverse network of multiple channels. More often we find the core operational structure, as well as various business processes involved in food production and distribution, fail to communicate and align with one another. If analytical procedures, policies, best practices, and standards are not understood, implemented, and embraced by all parties involved, not only is the quality of the food produced at risk, but also the reputation and brand value of the company behind it. The public nowadays is more and more concerned by food safety. Safe and effective food handling requires an organized way in controlling the quality factors involved in the process.

Food Audits/ Inspections (Food Supply Chain & Retail)

We provide services for food supplier, GMP and product inspections to support food brands and retailers secure their supply chains. We offer inspections at multiple stages of the production process and comprehensive system audits of manufacturing facilities including certification under several internationally recognized schemes.

Our specialized food inspectors include quality and safety checks on all categories of processed food based on agreed and required standards, we have expertise for:

  • Bread,flour including all bakery products.
  • Breakfast cereals, pasta, dry food prodcuts
  • Cheese, yoghurt, butter, and dairy snacks
  • Meat & Poultry Products
  • Sausages and hotdogs
  • Fish and Seafood prodcuts
  • Ready to eat meals (RTE) , instant food and frozen food
  • Baby food and infant formula
  • Tinned fruit, vegetables, beans
  • Pickles, jams, preserves, and soups
  • Sauces, spices, oil, and condiments
  • Sweet and savory snacks
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Juices
  • Confessionary prodcuts

We have special expertly for rice plant GMP inspection with a team of food inspectors having food related qualification, skills, and experiences.

Scope of Inspection:

DAS Pakistan provides Pre/Post Shipment inspection, Visual inspection of Weight / Quality / Quantity / marking, Pre Packing and loading / Transport inspection & Random Sample Inspection/Full Inspection including GMP audits as required by the client which covers the visual inspection & the biological inspection of the food items including minimum following Scope of inspection;

  • Visual Inspection
  • Biological Inspection & Testing
  • Good Hygiene Practices
  • Good Manufacturing practices